Friday, August 29, 2008

Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign

Pantene has started a great campaign called "Pantene Beautiful Lengths." Their campaign encourages people to grow, cut and donate their hair to create free, real-hair wigs for women who've lost their hair due to cancer.

Did you know real-hair wigs can cost as much as $1200 and are often only partially covered by health insurance?

Actress Hilary Swank started the Million-Inch Chain by donating 8 inches of her hair. Join her and Pantene and donate your hair so women who have lost theirs can have a free, real-hair wig.

There are 3 ways to get involved:
1. "Cut"- you're ready to donate an 8-inch ponytail.
2. "Pleadge"- you're growing it now and will cut later.
3. "Help"- help plan events, campaigns, and drives.

If you made the cut, go here for instructions where to send your donated hair.

Main campaign site: here

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