Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unite Against the "War on Terror's" Human Rights Abuse

Unsubscribe is a movement of people united against human rights abuses in the 'war on terror'. The threat of terrorism is real, but having no regard for human rights is not the answer. From Guantanamo Bay, rendition, torture and waterboarding – we unsubscribe.

Every person that unsubscribes makes a difference to this campaign as together our voice will be louder and stronger. As the movement grows so will the attention it receives by the media and the government.

CIA interrogation methods:
- Waterboarding
- Stress Position
- Forced Nudity
- Belly Slap
- Sleep Deprivation

This films shows a performance artist undergoing, for real, interrogation techniques permitted in the CIA Handbook. Warning: Some may find the content disturbing. Please turn your speakers up.


Seen enough?:

Ways you can help this cause:

Sign your name along with the thousands who put human rights first

  • They did. Will you?

    Dick Cheney confessed to a war crime. Prosecute him.
    "I was a big supporter of waterboarding," boasted Cheney. Please sign.

    Close Gitmo Petition. Sign.

    Tear Down Guantanamo and U.S. illegal detention one pixel at a time. Tear it down!

    This needs to end.

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