Monday, November 26, 2007

Protect Canada's Baby Harp Seals

One of the biggest campaigns I support is animal rights. I found this great way to give a gift and help an animal at the same time. For the holidays, you can purchase one of the animal gifts and give a loved one the included Gift Card showing what you did in their name.

Ninety-five percent of seals killed in Canada's commercial seal hunt are under 3 months old. A Gift for Baby Seals supports IFAW’s efforts to stop the hunt by providing equipment needed to monitor sealers and expose the cruelty of the hunt to the world.

Your IFAW Gift for Baby Seals makes it possible to reveal the truth about what happens year after year on the ice.

Give $25.00 and it pays for a seal hunt observation permit to document ongoing cruelty and abuse.

Give $50.00 and it funds a campaign to prosecute anyone caught abusing seals.

Give $75.00 and it buys a survival suit for seal hunt monitors.

Give $500.00 and it buys a waterproof video camera to document the seal hunt.

Give $1330.00 and it pays for one hour of flight time to bring a seal surveillance team to the ice.

Other gifts you can buy:

During the winter months in Russia, wealthy hunters pay more than US$2,000 each to rouse bears from hibernation and kill them without knowing whether they are male or female. After the adult bear is killed, many cubs are abandoned to die. Some are given to local villagers to be kept as pets or kept in zoos or circuses. There is also a demand for bear meat in hunting restaurants.

IFAW is helping to rehabilitate Russian bear cubs orphaned by hunters so they can be released back into protected forests. We are also campaigning for a ban on killing hibernating bears in Russia, which leaves hundreds of cubs to die. Your gift will help nurse one of these orphaned bear cubs back to new life.

Ivory poachers are killing African and Asian elephants at an alarming rate ... and crucial elephant habitat is disappearing every day. Unfortunately, poachers and illegal ivory traders often have the upper hand. Under-equipped and under-staffed African wildlife law enforcement agencies are easily outmaneuvered in their attempts to fight poaching by sophisticated crime syndicates operating freely across national borders.

Even limited ivory sales lead to the widespread slaughter of elephants. Anti-poaching rangers in many regions lack government support and funding for personnel and equipment. Rangers risk their lives everyday to save the elephants, with hundreds killed each year. Your gift goes to providing these brave rangers with the equipment and skills they need to win the fight against poachers.

IFAW's Community-Linked Animal Welfare program brings pet care to those who need it most: reducing pet populations through sterilization and vaccinating the pets of some of world's poorest people. CLAW also has an excellent education outreach component that teaches responsible pet care to people and children in the areas where it works.

When disaster strikes, IFAW's Emergency Relief team rushes to save animals from suffering and abandonment. For those who lose everything in a disaster, their pets are all they have left to give them comfort and strength. Your gift to Emergency Relief helps save stranded marine mammals, clean endangered birds after oil spills, and rescue orphaned, injured, or mistreated animals.

Your Gift Includes

This is the perfect holiday gift. To purchase these gifts, visit IFAW's Animal Gift site.


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