Monday, November 26, 2007

Help Give the Gift of Hope

This holiday there will be millions of children around the world who suffer from hunger every day.

Discover a new way to show your loved ones that you care

Give a gift through the World Food Programme's catalog that helps hungry children and gives a loved one a gift.

Some examples of gifts:

$24: Feed and educate a young girl for 6 months

Poor families tend to rely on their daughter’s labor at home or the workplace. Your donation will provide take-home rations that ease the economic burden on parents, encouraging them to keep their daughters in school.

$36: Provide food, education and health/sanitation to a child for a year

A nutritious meal at school is often a poor child’s only meal of the day and that school is often in need of basic sanitation, health facilities and clean drinking water. Your donation can give a poor child the right conditions for a healthy mind and body.

$92: Can provide nutrition for a pregnant or lactating mother for 12 months

Malnourished mothers give birth to malnourished children. Your gift can provide proper nutrition to a mother and ensure that her child gets a healthy start by receiving the necessary nutrition to grow and develop.

Visit the Gift of Hope's site to purchase your gift to help a hungry child.


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