Saturday, October 25, 2008

Photos of the Republican Direct Mail and Door Hanger Attacking Obama

The McCain Campaign and its allies have begun an unprecedented nationwide negative campaign that uses robocalls, direct mail, and other techniques to quietly poison voters' information with lies and fear tactics.

From the following organization: Republican Party of Florida
In the following location: Florida
Description: This mailer uses scare tactics to suggest Americans must “vote Republican” to keep America safe. That’s a false choice.

From the following organizations: Republican Party of New Mexico
In the following locations: Colorado, New Mexico
Description: This deceptive mailer drastically distorts Barack’s position on diplomacy.

From the following organizations: Paid for by the Republican National Committee, authorized by McCain-Palin 2008
In the following locations: Maine, North Carolina, Missouri

From the following organizations: Republican National Committee
In the following locations: Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania

From the following organizations: Republican Party of New Mexico, Republican Party of Florida, Republican Party of Iowa
In the following locations: New Mexico, Florida, Iowa
Description: This mailer attacks Barack Obama’s position on choice.

From the following organizations: Republican National Committee and McCain-Palin campaign
In the following locations: Missouri, Virginia, Iowa, Florida

Sen. John McCain this week gave his personal stamp of approval to one of the toughest pieces of direct mail in the 2008 campaign.

The brochure, which is being sent to voters in Virginia and Missouri, features a picture of what is either a plane about to crash into a building full of people or an airport departure gate, along with the words: "Terrorists Don't Care Who They Hurt."

The other side of the mailer says: "Barack Obama Thinks Terrorists Just Need a Good Talking To."

Controversial? Yes. But is McCain proud of it? Absolutely, according to an interview McCain gave to KDSD, a local television station in Missouri.

In the interview, McCain is shown the flier and asked if he's proud of it. "Absolutely," he said.

From the following organizations: Republican Party of Virginia, Wisconsin Republican Party
In the following locations: Virginia, Wisconsin

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The Internet Project said...

Holy cow. Keep up the good work.

Belle said...

Thank you! I like your blog "Hope Made Human" and I'm going to add it to my 'Friends and Favorites' section.

The Internet Project said...

Hi, Belle, I wanted you to know what an inspiration your page was to me. I have stayed up all night producing a video with the images of the mailers with some beautiful music by Jack Carter. I hope you approve. It should be up and running momentarily at

P.S. Why am I not surprised that we are both Capricorns?

Belle said...

Thank you so much. That was my hope with this blog... to inspire people. Inspire them to think, to change, to do something in this world. You are an inspiration. Your video is fantastic. I am so happy so happy to see that my blog inspired you to make something. It is a sad subject, but we are both doing what needs to be done: getting the word out. I am going to do a post dedicated to you and your video. Please email me at, so I can know more about you, so I can complete the posting.

Great minds think alike.

Thank you again, fellow Capricorn :)

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