Friday, October 10, 2008

ABC Refuses to Run Ad by ' We Can Solve It '

Did you happen to notice the ads after the second Presidential debate? CBS had Exxon. ABC had Chevron. CNN had the coal lobby.

The great people at the "We Can Solve It" campaign are one of the biggest supporters that clean energy has. They promote legislation that will help America overcome its energy crisis.

The question is why would ABC refuse to air one of their ads? They refused to air the latest ad from Al Gore’s WE Campaign promoting the use of renewable energy in America. They didn't run the Repower America ad during the debate; even though the funds were available. To put it simply, ABC is protecting its big-oil advertising revenue.

To make matters worse, the network has not given, WE CEO Cathy Zoi, an answer for the refusal. In response, the organization is asking that people sign a petition on their website, send a letter, and ask that ABC reconsider their position so that the ad can air.

Do you think this absurd? Go to We Can Solve It's website and send your message to ABC letting them know how you feel. Sign the petition here.

Watch the ad below:

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