Tuesday, September 30, 2008

IFAW Animal Action Week - October 4th-10th

For more than 15 years, IFAW's Animal Action Week has been giving young people around the world the knowledge and tools they need to take positive action on behalf ofanimals and our shared environment.

The Week, which takes place annually during the first week of October, marks the launch of an international educational program with a different animal welfare and conservation theme each year. This year’s theme: Beneath the Waves, Protecting Marine Wildlife.

Whaling ships armed with harpoons hunt whales in defiance of international treaties. Plastic pollution chokes sea turtles and other marine animals and sea birds. And as the icecaps continue to melt, polar bear habitats shrink and they are left to starve or drown

To help protect the ocean, you can start by taking three easy actions:
  1. Visit to learn more about Animal Action Week, the largest animal-focused educational event in the world;
  2. Take the Plastic Bag Pledge to help combat one of the main threats to marine wildlife;
  3. And spread the word by telling your family and friends about IFAW Animal Action Week 2008.
  4. During the week of IFAW Animal Action week (October 4th-10th), you can adopt a whale: here. Please wait until that week, because the program won't be launched until then.

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