Thursday, September 18, 2008

Candle for Tibet on International Peace Day - September 21st

In support of this event, I am sharing Candle For Tibet's information on this event.

From Candle For Tibet:

"By uniting our light for freedom in Tibet, we have started something huge. Our candle symbolizes our non-violent pledge to work together until there is freedom for the people of Tibet. CFT will work without end to support all Tibetans worldwide in their quest for cultural and religious freedom.

Candle4Tibet (CFT) will always be a network of PEOPLE who cherish the value of freedom and together create a unique movement. It is a true grassroots movement and is non-violent and non-profit.

We will strive to develop our network into the biggest global support group for Tibet, and all our future actions for Tibet will be conducted from here as well as linking to other actions globally.

Our network will be a treasure of information about Tibet, its culture and its heritage. Our links page contains dozens of Tibetan sites providing a wealth of information.

We will seek to work in cooperation and harmony with ALL Tibet support organizations in the world.

At the moment we need your active help in couple of areas:

Invite your friends. It is easy. With a few mouse clicks, using this link, you can invite your whole address book.

Design and create banners for the network. If you know how and can do that, please let one of the admins know. We will use these banners in our marketing campaigns"

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