Friday, September 12, 2008

Help Put Sarah Palin’s Wolf Killing Record on TV

By now, most of the world knows of Sarah Palin's support of brutal aeriel hunting of wolves. (Please read my other posts regarding Sarah Palin.)
1. Petition to Sarah Palin about the wolf killing: Here

Let's get the word out further.

The organization Defenders of Wildlife (one of my favorites) released the video I am sure you all have seen.
  • More than 68,000 potential voters have viewed their video on YouTube, with many more spreading the word by re-posting the video on their websites and blogs and forwarding it to friends.
  • CNN and other news outlets have picked up the story, running clips from Defenders of Wildlife Action fund and their sister organization Defenders of Wildlife.
In an effort to reach hundreds of thousands of "swing voters" who help decide this election, The Defenders of Wildlife created a new, powerful television ad that details Sarah Palin's efforts to kill wolves.

They can only run it with our financial help. Running a television ad during an election year is expensive. We need to help them raise $100,000 to run the ad and support their work to provide a voice for endangered wildlife. Make your donation here.

Donation overview:
  • $20.00 Part of one 60-second spot
  • $40.00 Two parts of one 60-second spot
  • $60.00 Three parts of a sixty-second
  • $100.00 Half of one 60-second spot
  • $200.00 One 60-second spot
  • $1,000.00 Five 60-second spots
  • Other: If you cannot afford any of the above, even giving $5.00 will help so much.
Please donate now

The ad:

With the election less than 50 days away, we don’t have much time to help voters learn about the real Sarah Palin.

Please donate to this cause, as much as you can afford. Please forward it along to your friends, too.

Please read my other posts regarding
Sarah Palin.

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