Friday, September 19, 2008

MHONA International's Walk For Tibet

MHONA International "Walk For Tibet" was created by Tatiana Kostanian (who is on life support). She created this to bring global attention to China's brutal control over Tibet. MHONA International (a non-profit that was founded by and for Disabled Lives/Lives on Life Support in 1962. MHONA was the very 1st non-profit established by and for disabled/profoundly disabled lives in the world) and Tatiana Kostanian's goal is is to bring people globally together to promote continued awareness of the occupation of Tibet. MHONA wants to make everyone aware of China's disabling of innocent lives and their closure of Tibetans' right to their faith, their lands, and their religion.

MHONA's goal is to stand up against brutality, cruelty, indifference and cruel intent of disablement to helpless adults and children. They are asking for people around the world to pay attention to their goals and join them in the name of decency and in the name of freedom.

Our goal is for you to join us in our "Walk for Tibet" scheduled for late Spring 2009 in Northern California. All are welcome and encouraged. We hope MHONA's walk will raise awareness and alert the world to the unacceptable and horrible situation in Tibet: the torturing, the lack of freedom, the killings, the incarcerations of helpless lives, the ongoing surveillance, the lack of religious freedom, Tibet's political oppression, and countless other acts of cruelty.

Tatiana and others who are on life support and disabled will have their loved ones, family, children, friends, and business associates walk for them. Disabled or not, please walk with them. Through MHONA, the goal is to come together and walk for freedom, walk for independence, peace and security for all civilians of Tibet, including the elderly, the children, and the monks and sisters. "Walk the walk; Talk the talk of Peace."

Please help us. Even if you cannot walk, because you cannot get to San Francisco or whatever the reason, please spread the word about this event if you care about Tibet.

MHONA International, Tatiana, and I urge you to spread the word. Help validate our lives and work for Global Peace. You can spread the word by sending this posting to friends and family, blogging about it, posting on forums, social bookmarking it, adding the information to your website, and any other way you can think of.

Please contact Tatiana with any questions, your support, your advice, your ways to help, to let her know you want to join the walk, etc:
Email her:

Write her: MHONA International, Box 22162, San Francisco, CA 94122-3218

You can contact me also:

Free Tibet!

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