Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Hunt for Aribert Heim "Doctor Death"

One event in history has a big impact on my life. The Holocaust. My grandmother lost all her family members, except one uncle to the Holocaust. To this day, I still can't believe something like that happened.

The thought that Aribert Heim, "Doctor Death", may still be alive and hiding makes me sick to my stomach.

"Heim scared his prisoners to death," said a survivor. The SS doctor operated without anesthetics, and Jewish inmates were poisoned with various insertions directly into the heart in order to induce death more quickly. The doctor wanted to see which poison was the fastest and cheapest way to kill people. When he was bored, it is said that he timed his patients' deaths with a stopwatch. He removed human organs without anesthetic to see how long victims lived. He is also accused of cutting off the head of a murdered Jewish prisoner and boiling off the flesh to enable the skull to be used as an exhibit.

Information regarding the campaign to hunt him down:
  • Dr Aribert Heim, now 93, is highest on leading Nazi hunter and director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Efraim Zuroff's list (above photo is Efraim holding a picture of Heim)
  • The four countries involved are Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil - where large numbers of Nazis are thought to have fled following World War II.
  • In July 2007, the Austrian Justice Ministry declared that they would pay €50,000 for information leading to his arrest and extradition to Austria. Other rewards include $460,000 from the Wiesenthal Center. Another reward is 270,000 Euros [130,000 euros from the German government; 130,000 euros from the Wiesenthal Center ; and 10,000 from “Operation: Last Chance.”]
  • In early 2006, Heim was believed to be in Chile, where his daughter Waltraud is reported to have lived since the early '70s. Asked about her father's whereabouts by the Chilean authorities, under requests of Germany, Waltraud claimed that Aribert had died in 1993. However, when she tried to recover a million dollar inheritance from him (on an account in his name), she could not provide any death certificate.
  • The former Nazi doctor continues to maintain a bank account in Germany containing more than $1.5 million. In the last five years, €300,000 have been withdrawn from his accounts and transferred to Spain and Denmark.
If you have any information about Heim and his whereabouts contact Operation Last Chance.

Austrian wanted poster for Heim:


Anonymous said...

Aribert Heim is NOT DEAD!
He is living under an alias, in Billings, Montana, and no less, as a United States citizen! He has been recognized and the tip has been turned in!


Go figure Heimy, you were caught not only by a "traveling gypsy but a guuuuurl!"

May justice prevail! My God is great and powerful!!!!


Anonymous said...

And now ? Do you wanna cry the same old Story about the bad germans ???
Shame on you...

Anonymous said...

Same old story about bad germans?? No. Bad Nazis. Shame on you for not recognizing what Nazis did.

Anonymous said...

German courts have deemed "Dr Death" to be dead and closed out Aribert Heim's case??? How can you close out a case with no DNA and no body--relying on only a well planted suitcase with authentic documents stuffed inside? Dr Death is VERY much alive and many have ignored his real whereabouts in Billings Montana. I say do a LEGITIMATE investigation and DNA analysis on the warm body of the hidden Heim in Montana and be done with this disinformation that is being shuffled out to the world. Propaganda-disinformation-cover ups and deception by many! Aribert Heim is NOT dead regardless of whom spits out these lies..he is hidden up in the Heights of Billings Montana and many keep lying! I want to see some JUSTICE!


Oh and this is to the son of Aribert Heim...the ONLY fantasy and myths my fallen friend is what comes out of YOUR mouth on a daily and yearly basis! How is it that this man in BIllings Montana LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU RUDY??? Just a coincidence huh? Pffffftttttt and that same man is clearly shown in the photographs with slain President Salvador Allende (not suicide) pffffftttttt STOP WITH YOUR LIES! Germany may not expect you to testify or give information about YOUR FATHER but go ahead and sign those estate papers pretending he is my guest...a whole different door opens for a lawsuit now doesn't it? BILLINGS MONTANA. Hurry go sign! Let's go to court...I want to so I can speak the truth loud and clear to a world that is being fed disinformation!

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