Friday, October 10, 2008

New DFOW Video of Sarah Palin’s Wolf Killing

Defenders of Wildlife have put out a new video (released on Youtube October 10th) regarding Sarah Palin's gruesome support of wolf killing.

In June, after gunning down 14 adult wolves from a helicopter, officials from Governor Palin’s Department of Fish and Game rounded up 14 orphaned wolf pups and methodically shot each one in the head in clear violation of a state law.

Watch their video (not for the faint of heart)

What you can do to help wolves:

1. Take Action to Save Rare Southwest Wolves here
2. Urge President Obama to End the War on Wolves here
3. Urge Cabela's and Sportman's Warehouse to Withdraw Their Support for Wolf-killing Derbies here
4. *Click* to Protect Threatened Wolves daily. How it works: Your free click generates donations from our sponsors. You may click once a day, every day. 100% of the donations raised go directly to Defenders of Wildlife to help stop aerial hunting of wolves, continue efforts to expand wolf recovery in the Northern Rockies, and more. Click here daily.
5. Boycott Alaska Until The State Stops Targeting Wolves. Sign here.
6. Save the Wolves petition. Sign here.

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Nikki said...

o.m.g, sarah the most nasty animal slaughtering, devilish, moron, stupid, ugly, dumb, pig! i love wolves so sarah palin goes out and kills cubs, they are so defenceless! go die sarah palin, if anyone agrees, email me at

Meduteja said...

Sarah is Mother fu***** Bi** ...Sorry for theese words but it's just horible ;(

Anonymous said...

what the f&^%$ is wrong with sarah paling she need to go to hell

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